1. phpThumb() Working Again

    If you’ve seen my first WordPress post, you know that ongoing image-related error messages gave me a boost to the the other side of the fence where WordPress lives. I like WordPress, but as I’d rather not leave my codebase in the dust, I’ve been poking around for solutions to the thumbnail display problem.

    Last night I tried logging in to WordPress and was hit with a server error. I was struck out a second time when I attempted accessing the “old” code-base at the root (WordPress is in a sub-folder) – it too was down. This morning I checked both WordPress and the root locations and found both weblogs were again up and running. To my surprise, the Bear Meadows Post (the last post to display images with the home-brewed code) displayed every image without any errors.

    I shot en email to my web host and discovered there was an overnight issue with some files controlling PHP, and to resolve it, some files were swapped around and Apache was reinstalled to a newer version. Fortunately for me, the version update on the server seems to have fixed the issues I’ve been seeing. (This explains why I could never reproduce the image errors with Apache on my PC at home.)

    I’ve since closed the support case I opened at the SiliSoftware support forums. (This is the part where you yell at me for not upgrading phpThumb() for four years.)

    I think it’s time seriously consider packaging the Ralford.net code for release.

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  2. Well that was easy…

    It’s now been years since I started coding the interface behind ralford.net (my home-brewed PHP weblog/wiki has been running since 2005), and well, to say the least, I’ve finally given in to WordPress!   Really, I think the big factor for me “giving in” is that image support on my home-brewed weblog is lacking a software genius.   I ran phpThumb() for a long time, but one day, everything started behaving funny and pictures stopped working.  I do not blame phpThumb() for this – if there is fault to put on someone here it is me for not having more patience with the code. I wanted to talk about some recent hikes I went on, and show pictures of where I’ve been, as well as pictures of my new pack and camp-stove.  Well, I hiked and ralford.net stayed broken, I traveled and ralford.net stayed broken, and I played music and ralford.net stayed broken.  And finally, I gave up on trying to figure out why the pictures weren’t showing up, because at this point in my life, I engineer during the day – not at night.

    Tonight, I installed WordPress, and simply speaking, it was a breeze.

    This post is part of the thread: Ralford.net – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread timeline for more context on this post.