1. Gina Riggio’s “No Guarantee”

    Hello friends! It has been a very busy and exciting year, and though I’ve not made a weblog post in some time, the time has a come. My friend Gina Riggio has recently invited the members of Dirty Superb (Jacob Haqq-Misra, Micky New, and myself) to join her in recording her latest single, “No Guarantee”.

    The song is hot of the press, released very early this morning after a late night of mixing at Marc Frigo’s studio: No Guarantee. Enjoy!

  2. mp3: Where the Ceiling Meets the Floor

    I’ve posted another track recorded by my old band, Ubiquitous Proprietors, called Where the Ceiling Meets the Floor. It may have been the last original we wrote, and was recorded about nine or ten years ago. It’s straight-up funk/rock, and is surely the song to listen to if you want to hear U.P.’s sound.

    For me the song marks a sort-of milestone of where I was in life, reminding me of some extremely fun times, people, and places, all that I’ll never forget. It’s interesting how repeated listening to or playing music can capture memories from a time period.

    Where the Ceiling Meets the Floor can be downloaded from the MP3 Goodness page.

  3. mp3: Roger by Ubiquitous Proprietors

    I just posted an ancient recording written and recorded by my first band the Ubiquitous Proprietors. We wrote about ten originals between 1999 and 2000, most of which were never were recorded. This is one of the exceptions. Roger can be downloaded from the MP3 goodness page.

  4. mp3: The Conquest

    Back in 2000, I spent a few days writing music with some software called FruityLoops. The program lets you create layered tracks by adding pre-recorded instrument sounds to beats in a measure. You can fiddle with things like tempo and volume, and it also lets you apply notes to combinations of sounds to generate chords.

    Since I wrote the tune (almost 9 years ago!), the software has been through numerous releases (it’s now called FL Studio 8), and probably has all sorts of bells and whistles. Of course, there are many other packages these days that let you do the same thing.

    As this is one of the oldest recordings in my music archive, it only seems appropriate that this is the first I post to the MP3 Goodness page. I hope you enjoy it.