1. Flyers for Upcoming "Big Hitters" with Black Coffee

    Black Coffee has some great shows coming up! To name a just a few of the big hitters, we’re going to be at Arts Alive Fest in Morgantown (Sunday June 10th), People’s Natural Gas Park (Saturday June 16th), and FarmJammaLamma (Saturday, July 7th!). There are going to be some great bands on these bills too, so we’re very excited.

    The Arts Alive Fest line-up includes Keller Williams, Zack Deputy, and Larry Keel & Natural Bridge! Plus our friends Aristotle Jones & The Like Minds (whom we recently performed with at The Cue, in Morgantown), will also be there.

    Last year we had the opportunity to perform at Johnstown’s famous Flood City Music Festival. This year, we’ve been invited to perform at the opening of People’s Natural Gas Park, with other previous FMCF performers Tab Benoit, Eilen Jewell, and Los Straitjackets!

    And finally, we head back to Camp Kevin for our first FarmJammaLamma performance on Saturday July 7th. To name a few, we’ll be performing with friends Mysterytrain as well as Chris Vipond & The Stanley Street Band.

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