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  1. Amazon Fire Phone →

    Yesterday the Amazon Fire Phone was announced. As I suggested last October, I think this will be a great way for Amazon to capture Kindle customers who don’t yet have smartphones.

    My parents will be doing some traveling this month, and considered transitioning to an iPhone for the convenience of its camera (their old cell phone broke). While I am a huge advocate of the iPhone, I talked them out of it, warning them that it would be a new interface to adjust to, with an entirely different username and log-in system. Now that the Amazon Fire Phone is on its way (scheduled to ship on July 25th), the purchase might make sense.

    (And in case you are reading, Mom:  It is $199 for a two year contract, and is only available through AT&T.)

  2. Road Trip

    While I love the idea of travelling the world, there is also so much to see here in North America. I’m glad I can afford a few days away from the engineering world to take a road trip.

    This weekend I’ll be hitting the road to see my family and spend some time with friends in the Adirondacks. With any luck, there will be some new destinations for me along the way. Stay tuned for photos.

  3. Kindle Phone 'What If'

    I have been thinking:  What if Amazon created a phone-sized version of the Kindle Fire?  Proven by my folks, there are customers in the world who have a connection to Amazon’s products, but not with Apple.  I don’t think my folks would be interested in an iPhone if one was given to them, but what if Amazon were to release a phone that had the familiarity of their Kindles?

  4. Giving Thanks

    In a couple months, most of us will be eating turkey around a big table encircled by family members, friends, and even strangers.  Wherever I am, I’ll give thanks for my family, but I most certainly give that same thanks now. Some of you are far, and some are near.  And many of you I don’t see but once or twice a year. But, I am thinking of you, and I love and miss you all.