Below is an interactive map project I am working on for the Appalachian Trail hiking community. This is an ongoing work, as there is much left that I hope to accomplish to make it a valuable tool for section hikers and thru-hikers alike. In the meantime, please enjoy watching my progress as I improve the map below.

The data points on the maps were obtained from the Appalachian Trail Database at, which documents a 2006 thru hike. So, please use the map data at your own risk, and do your due diligence by using multiple resources when preparing for a hike.

If anyone can provide me with updated GPS coordinates for the information below, or with data that is missing from my map such as water sources, post offices, outfitters, and parking lots — please contact me. I have found a few links scattered across the web and plan to eventually add this data to the maps. However, any additional resources may be helpful in making the project as accurate as reasonably possible.

Interactive Maps

As there are challenges associated with creating a usable rotated map in Mapbox that is oriented like the popular tall AT poster (what I will refer to as “Katahdin North”), I am also creating a True North map. Full browser window versions of both interactive Appalachian Trail maps can be accessed through the following picture links:


  • Learn how to create a basic map
  • Import some GPS coordinates
  • Pull map into an iFrame
  • Add preliminary coordinates for shelters and other points of interest
  • Rotate the map
  • Add buttons to toggle various points of interest
  • Add data for the trail footpath itself)
  • Bring pan and zoom functions back to the screen on Katahdin North map
  • Create a True North map
  • Add ability to highlight states
  • Set pans on Katahdin North map to an absolute position so they don’t scroll off the screen
  • Ability to zoom to a state to fit it on the screen
  • Katahdin North map: Find out why data is cut off at Maine and Georgia until the users pans to those states
  • Verify/update existing map data (shelters, towns)
  • Gather new data (water sources, post offices, outfitters, parking locations, fire towers, etc.)
  • Improve granularity of state borders for zooming
  • Ability to switch map rotation between True North vs. Katahdin North


  • Release final map on site that is separate from my personal page
  • Add option to print screenshots, or run physical prints
  • Mobile offline map application
  • WordPress integration (ability to add map locations with respect to blog posts)
  • ???


The Katahdin North Map:

Other Interactive Appalachian Trail Maps