Missing Hikers Rescued in Adirondacks High Peaks →

This is an intense story of two hikers who were rescued yesterday in the Adirondacks after being forced to spend two nights in harsh Winter weather.

After making their summit of Algonquin Peak, a heavy fog settled in just after they reached the top causing them to lose the trail leading down the mountain. A recount of their story noted the fog was so thick that they accidentally fell off a rock edge into a massive pile of snow:

Their friends later determined the fall, which brought them down the opposite side of the summit from the side they climbed up, to be about 100 feet.

The man was resourceful, and did what he could to keep him and his friend warm, a reminder that every piece of gear is worth its weight in gold in a survival situation:

On the first night, when she lost feeling in her toes, he dumped everything out of his backpack and wrapped it around her legs, zipping it up around her. After about 20 minutes, she could feel her toes again.

I love hiking in this area, but there are sections of trail that can be treacherous in the normal hiking season if you aren’t being careful or properly equipped. And so, Winter peakbaggers have always seemed like strange breed of people to me.

I am glad to hear they survived, and am in disbelief they came away with all of their fingers and toes. These folks were very lucky.