Rest in peace, Alex King

I am very saddened to read about the loss of Alex King tonight.

Alex was my introduction to WordPress, Twitter, Apple, internet security, and many other things that are (or were) new technology. But beyond that, through his writings about the things he created — of which bits and pieces were embedded into his website — he emanated a sense of leadership, and a sense of building something “the right way”.

His website was a part of my morning routine. After checking my email, his website was one of the few tabs I would open almost daily. I would always either learn something, or be motivated to work harder by one of his accomplishments. I enjoyed watching him grow from a WordPress applications developer to a business founder, and also a father. Often, his statuses would be posts about golf, humor, or a new gadget he was tinkering with, reminding me that leaders and technology builders have real lives, too.

When you are an engineer, you build something making the best decisions that you know how to make. Often your methods stem from something you learned from the best people you know who are also engineers or leaders. While I have had the privilege to work in the same office as some of these people, I can say with certainty that Alex also had an impact on the engineer I am today.

I know I am a stranger to you, but thanks for everything Alex.