Jeep Wrangler–Based Pickup Is Happening! →

I would love to see this happen. But, I am still struggling with what would be my “perfect Jeep”.

I really like my Patriot because it gives me the ability to fold the passenger sleep down and sleep on a sleeping pad using the full length of the vehicle. The only other way I can see this happening in another Jeep is using a convertible tent-top on a Wrangler, like the ones from Ursa Minor Vehicles.

The pro of the Patriot is that you are getting a Jeep that you can sleep in for half the cost, but without the rugged aspect of a Wrangler. Adding the sleep conversation to the Wrangler gives you the best of both worlds but at a considerably higher total price.

What would be interesting is to see how much flexibility Jeep will give to the back end of a new pick-up Wrangler design. Would the back end be compatible with a soft top? Will the front passenger seat be removable to permit sleeping lengthwise in the vehicle, protected from the weather?

Regardless, I’m excited to see this thing.