Five More Peaks: The Dix Range

Last weekend I made another trek to the Adirondacks, this time to conquer the five High Peaks in the Dix Range, all of which are attainable on a single day hike. In order of my summits, they were:

  • Macomb Mountain, 4405 ft (5/46)
  • South Dix, 4060 ft (6/46)
  • Grace, 4012 ft (7/46)
  • Hough Peak, 4400 ft (8/46)
  • Dix Mountain, 4857 ft (9/46)

My hike began at the the Elk Lake trailhead, where — (at around 6:15 in the morning!) — I was able to squeeze the Patriot in at the end of a row of cars, giving me a legal parking spot without worry of being towed. It seems you just can’t get to this place early enough.

As I learned on my last Adirondacks adventure, encountering hikers along the way is a nice way to gain information about what lies ahead. In the case of this hike, I was trying to determine the most reasonable route down Dix Mountain. The consensus seemed to be to take the trail West of Buck-horn, after reaching Dix. This avoided the longer Hunter Pass trail on the North-side of Dix, and was allegedly a shorter route back to the trailhead.

I met a few groups of hikers along the way, and found that occasional small conversation during the hike is almost necessary at times. This was especially true of the last three miles, where I couldn’t decide if exhaustion was worse than my sore feet and knees. Needless to say, I am out of the woods again. With nine of the 46 High Peaks under my belt, I’m looking forward to the next journey North.