Cry Baby Mini →

It looks like the baby Cry Baby pedal actually adds features to the standard version:

Unlike many mini pedals the Cry Baby Mini doesn’t sacrifice features, maintaining the full range voicing and sweep of the current Cry Baby, not to mention that must-have fasel inductor and true-bypass switching.

I am excited that there will be selectable voicings, but a bit disappointed that the switch isn’t accessible from outside of the pedal.

In addition, there’s a choice of three voicings, available via an internal switch. Low voicing reduces the sweep for subtler moments, Vintage apes the original Cry Baby of the 70s and the GCB95 is the sound of the present day incarnation of the famed wah.

My Cry Baby Mini is on pre-order, along with the miniature Tube Screamer and a Yoke 5 loop switcher. My hope is that transitioning to the smaller Cry Baby and Tube Screamer pedals will make enough room on my Pedaltrain JR to add the Yoke 5. Stay tuned!