Pennsylvania State Game Lands Proposal for Hiking Ban and Permits →

While Sunday hiking would still be allowed, the Pennsylvania Game Commission seeks to require permits for hikers to use the game lands through the year, as well as a hiking ban from Monday through Saturday, “from the last Saturday in September through the third Saturday in January; and from the second Saturday in April through Memorial Day”.

It is bizarre that their alleged reasoning for considering the ban is that some hikers refuse to wear orange. I can’t imagine any hiker who would not be willing to wear orange for his or her safety. While I think the hiking ban is nonsense, I personally prefer to avoid hiking in an area if it is full of hunters, whether I am wearing orange or not.

I like KTA’s (Keystone Trail Association) proposal as an alternate to the ban and permits, which is a combined effort between KTA and the Pennsylvania Game Commission to educate hikers on safety in the State Game Lands.