No Groceries in June — Check!

I have been rather busy this month, with trips to Belgium, Virginia, and Philadelphia, and I never did a follow-up post to say that I successfully made it through the remainder of June without any trips to the grocery store!

I cheated quite a bit, with stops for food during my travels, and an occasional beer here and there with friends, but these habits were consistent with how I normally live my life. I’ll also point out again that the eating experiment didn’t truly start until my return from the Adirondacks, a week and a half into June.

The most creative meal that I came up with while scrounging in my cupboards was a cold pasta dish with a chili kick: pasta, black olives, diced tomatoes, corn, cumin, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. The pasta was a bit thick for the dish, and a can of black beans, some other veggies, and maybe some cheese would have thickened the sauce and given it a better blast of flavor, but it was fun making a meal out of some foods that may not have seen each other in that combination.

At the end of the month, I saved a few bucks, cleared some room in my cupboards, and still had a few food items left to spare. The foods I missed eating the most were staples like bread, eggs, milk, butter, and sugar, as these seemed to run out the first. If I learned any lesson from not buying groceries for a few weeks, it is that these foods are essential to making me feel healthy, and that foods that I eat less frequently should not be purchased until they are needed for a meal and only if they will be finished.