What Writing – And Selling – Software Was Like In The 80’s →

If you do any kind of developing, this is a fun article.

While this quote is amusing, I can’t read it without wondering how many unfortunate dark turns have been taken in our world:

In May of 1986 I went to the first Apple developer conference (not yet named WWDC) where basically the entire world of Mac developers showed up – we all fit in a single hotel ballroom! During the week Apple took us out on a boat in SF harbor for some fun, we all though it would be funny if we sank and the whole Mac industry vanished with us.

And my favorite quote from the piece:

The only thing I miss is the constant opportunity for invention: when you are doing something brand new and have nothing to help you it’s all up to your imagination and creativity. There was no internet, no Google, no StackOverflow. It was just you and your friends and your brain.

While software development has changed quite a bit since the 80’s, I wonder how much circuit-board design has changed. (Obviously the manufacturing process is drastically different. I’m speaking about design here.)

I have used a handful of CAD packages during the first 10 years of my career. Having seen the differences between later versions of P-CAD and newer CADs suites like Altium Designer, Cadence’s Allegro, and Mentor Graphics, it seems to me that most schematic capture and CAD developments during this time have been geared towards graphics processing (speed and 3D modeling).

Excluding advancements in computer input devices, and the power and computational ability of the machine, it wouldn’t surprise me if the interface and process to connect and route two pins hasn’t changed much since the 80’s.

(via The Loop)