LEGO Simpsons House →

LEGO announced earlier today that they will be releasing The Simpsons House set this February. Follow the link above to see their full announcement on Facebook, complete with photos.

Having grown up with LEGOs, it has been interesting watching their sets evolve to movie and cartoon themes in the recent years.  Undoubtedly, the biggest hitter yet has been Star Wars, which has brought them record profits.

While there is some debate in the LEGO community on whether or not The Simpson House set is child-appropriate, at the end of the day, LEGO is a business replicating a business strategy tested with the Star Wars themed sets.  In terms of profits, I don’t think a LEGO theme based on The Simpsons will be anywhere near it in comparison, but I suspect that this theme combined with others is part of a larger strategy for LEGO to make their numbers, draw in new builders, and hang onto old ones.