The New Projects Page →

By now you’ve probably noticed I’ve been putting recent focus into reorganizing my website. Over the years, I have have taken it through several transitions, themes, and page layouts, morphing it and tweaking it so it more closely represents me as a musician and engineer.

Today, I am pleased to present the new Projects page.

Up until now, the list of projects and people with whom I’ve collaborated or performed with has always been on a separate page from media. That old layout has always felt disconnected to me. I think the new page does a much cleaner job cataloging my journey as a musician, and it does so with audio samples sprinkled throughout. The two column layout was done with Carrington Build from Crowd Favorite. It took a little bit of setup and adjustment time, but was well worth the investment.

Combined with my child WordPress theme (based on the FavePersonal theme, also from Crowd Favorite), this site finally captures things the way I have always envisioned presenting them.

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