Foxey Lady Repair Project

A few years back, a friend of mine left me with his half-working Guild Foxey Lady vintage fuzz pedal. Some screws have been missing from it, and the plastic posts from the volume and tone pots had been snapped off, replaced with post-it board pins, wedged into the short plastic stubs.

In an effort to replace the volume and tone pots (the sustain pot had already been replaced, and still had the old knob), I pulled them out to find cryptic engravings on the back side, reading “XM2184” and “1377403”. A few Google searches lead me to believe these are the orginal pots, as the “7403” indicates 3rd week of 1974! I was unable to find any indication of the pot values, but measuring one confirmed that the volume and tone are both 100k.

I plan to replace all three pots and get some nice new vintage-looking knobs. This should be a fun pedal to bring back to life.

Guild's Foxey Lady
Guild’s Foxey Lady

UPDATE: Here are some nice old looking knobs I just purchased on eBay. I couldn’t find any original Foxey Lady knobs, but these will give it a nice old look.