iPhone 4 Case-Free Regrets

Since May, I have been using my iPhone 4 without a case. I decided to do away with it primarily because I had been through about five cases since purhasing the phone, each which has broken at some point during it’s life. Secondly, I wanted to enjoy the design of the iPhone 4. Having heard that John Gruber himself does not use a case — (I wish I could cite the Daring Fireball podcast I *think* I heard this from) — I was convinced that “normal use” of the device would not degrade it’s performance.

Four months later, and I’ve noticed that I can no longer take a crystal clear picture. Looking at the camera lens reveals a ton of tiny scratches, which are making my photos fuzzy. Since the camera is probably my favorite feature of having an iPhone, I’m considering purchasing an iPhone 5C or 5S. Attempting to replace my lens is still a possibility, but I have been eager to upgrade ever since the iPhone 5 made its appearance.