Going Lightweight with a Fuel Bottle and a Spork

fuel bottle size comparison
The new fuel bottle (in green) is about as tall as a beer can and holds 8.5 fluid oz.
For my birthday my parents sent me the fuel bottle and a titanium spork I’ve been eyeing up at Campmor.com. Both items reduce the overall weight of my pack.

Since getting my new pack and building a soda can stove, I’ve wanted a smaller fuel bottle to go along with the light-weight theme. The new fuel bottle holds 8.5 fluid oz and is more economical for 3-4 day hikes when compared to my MSR bottle which holds 20 fluid oz. This is especially true considering most of my hikes are less than four days and I generally cook only once a day.

A spork was another way to shave away at my pack’s weight. Until now I’ve been using a fork/knife/spoon set (the kind where the knife and fork piggy-back using two hooks on the spoon). I always have a pocket knife on me, so replacing the 3-piece set with a spork lets me ditch the weight of two utensils. The spork will also keep me from having to dig for multiple utensils in my pack (a common headache when the fork and knife dettach from the spoon).