1. Mandolin Player Searching for Band

    It’s been some time now since I’ve played with The Jackdaw Boys down at the Red Horse Tavern, and I’m again craving acoustic music. I got my feet wet with the mandolin when I played with The Jackdaw Boys, but this time I’m searching to form an acoustic group where mandolin would be my primary instrument.

    So consider this a ‘musicians wanted’ ad:

    I’m a mandolin player and hope to find at least a banjo player and guitarist to form a live band that plays bluegrass music. Other instruments and players are also welcome (fiddle, bass). I listen to and would love to play some Old & In the Way tunes, as well as traditional bluegrass songs. As original ideas come up, they would also be incorporated. The short term goal of the group would be to start playing 2-3 hour gigs by the end of July with the hope of playing three gigs a month by fall.

    If you live in the State College area, and have similar interests and musical goals, contact me.