1. Chris Rattie & The Brush Valley Rumblers

    Most of my guitar playing the last couple years has been a mix of funk and soul with Jackie Brown & The Gill Street Band as well as The Hot Sauce. Recent weeks have begun a new chapter in my musical journey, and there will be more rocking in the mix!

    Catch me this Saturday at Moondancer Winery in Wrightsville, PA, for the debut show of Chris Rattie & The Brush Valley Rumblers! I have seen Chris perform with the Rustlanders on numerous occasions a few years back. I look forward to performing with him and cranking up the amp louder than usual (and getting some slide playing in, too). The band is sounding solid — don’t miss this show!

    The show begins Saturday at 7pm. Also performing is Angelo Melasecca. For more details, hop over to Facebook.

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