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  1. Garage Storage Project

    My plans to make use of the small space between my (open) garage door and ceiling are coming together.  There is about one foot of vertical space with the door shut, which should give me enough space to store 2x4s, plywood scraps, and other leftover project pieces that don’t have a good home.

    With inspiration from a garage of similar size, I settled on using 2×4’s and brackets.  Tonight, I made a trip to the hardware store to snag everything I need to build one side, except the wood. To my surprise, the total was $112.27, which bought me:

    • 8 corner brackets for the base (there will be four cross supports)
    • 16 “L” brackets to hold the whole deal to two supporting 2x4s which will connect to my ceiling joists.
    • A small bucket of bracket nails
    • 4″ screws to fasten the two supporting 2x4s to my ceiling joists

    I plan to pick up the wood in a few days.

    Storage Rack Hardware (Round 1)

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