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  1. Interview with Advocate Cycles Founder Tim Krueger →

    The talk surrounding the new mountain bike company, Advocate Cycles, has a theme that Tim’s goal is to build a honest company from the very start, with a focus on quality and not quantity. His business model will certainly be a challenge, but it seems like he has the background to give it an honest attempt.

    What was a bit surprising was the business model that the aptly named Advocate Cycles would use. Taking advantage of a specific set of rules valid in his home state of Minnesota, Tim and his wife and business partner Odia started a Special Benefits Corporation. The goal? To donate 100% of their after-tax profits to bicycling related advocacy non-profit organizations.

    This article is one of the most detailed conversations with Tim I have read yet. I have wanted to get my hands on their Hayduke hardtail mountain bike since I first read about it over at Dirt Rag, but now I want one even more.

    Make sure to check out their Indiegogo campaign. There are still some Advocate Haydukes left for early bidders at $1999 — considerably less than the expected list price of $2650!

  2. Their Only Portrait →

    While browsing around for photos of Advocate Cycle’s 2016 Hayduke mountain bike, I found the “Their Only Portrait” project. The website documents a photographer’s journey to bikepack across South America (beginning in September 2015) to take portraits of the people he encounters:

    This project’s goal is to make family portraits of the local people I meet along the road, as I ride thousands of kilometers through South America. Carrying a small portable photography studio will let me create and give each family a printed copy of their ONE photo.

    Biking, photography, and travel sound like a perfect combination of hobbies. I look forward to reading about his travels. Don’t miss the blog section of his website.



  3. Black Bear Sighting in Rothrock State Forest

    After 13 years of poking around in Rothrock State Forest, I saw my second black bear tonight on the fire road adjacent to Detweiler Run. I was on my mountain bike, and heard it crashing down through the woods towards Detweiler Run, after I unknowingly startled it from a distance.

    Judging by its size, I suspect it was an adolescent, but not this year’s cub.

    The sighting was foreshadowed by something I have never seen: a large green metal bear trap, likely for research, as it was positioned in the woods well after the locked gate to the fire road. The trap was open on one end, with what appeared to be food dangling inside. While I didn’t take a photo, it looked very similar to this one.

    An Eastern Box Turtle and now a black bear — a good week for seeing critters. Now where are those timber rattlers…