After getting my degree at PSU, I spent the first half of my career designing computer hardware for a Pennsylvania-based embedded systems company. My career there spanned everything from lead engineer on several CPU designs to researching the IoT capabilities of our product line. Eventually, I was promoted to CTO where I coordinated our engineering team while interfacing with our other departments. My time there was a wonderful experience, but after 15 years under the same roof, I was ready for a change in my career.

Today, I’ve circled back to my roots of hardware design, but as a self-employed contract engineer. My emphasis is to design hardware for start-ups and small businesses so they can focus on their core competencies. As a contract engineer, my job is a mix of design work, networking, and wearing all of the hats that make the wheels of a small company turn. I do this all from my home office in the heart of Laramie, Wyoming (or what those who live here call, “Laradise”).

When I’m not engineering, I’m likely driving around the western United States with my wife Samantha. We love camping and exploring, whether we are traveling with our 1988 Vanagon, our Toyota Tacoma, or our backpacks and hiking boots. There is no shortage of new places to explore in and around Wyoming. And for those who snowboard, mountain bike, and kayak – the west is an endless playground. I love all of those activities, but nothing makes me happier than hiking to the top of a mountain on a clear day.

I’ve been designing and building some form of a webpage since the pre Web 2.0 age, some of which have fragments that still exist today. (Though, some of my favorites have succumb to protocol incompatibilities and link rot.) During college, I dabbled in PHP, and coded my own database-driven multi-user weblog and wiki project, but eventually “gave in” to WordPress.