Email Auto-Responders as an Opportunity

With the Holidays in full swing, many of us will be setting up automated email responses for the days we are out of the office. Yes, you will probably write which days you’ll be out, and that you will get back to them as soon as practical. Do that.

But, I encourage you to also use this infrequent opportunity to try something new. For example:

  • Share with your contacts an interesting project you’ve been building
  • Give them a preview about what they can expect to see from you in the next few months
  • Get personal and talk about a hobby you’ll enjoy while you’re away
  • Tell them that you appreciate the great work your team has been doing
  • Drop a link or two to some recent good reads (blog posts, articles, books)

For me, this change in habit prompted some interesting conversations among colleagues in the office. And I’m hopefully that being personal built some trust with customers I was interacting with through the message.