Walter “Wolfman” Washington Heats The Hague

Gearing up to see the Joe Krown Trio this November, I began scanning YouTube again for old Walter “Wolfman” Washington footage. I thought I had seen it all until something prompted me to turn away from YouTube last night, and instead search Vimeo.

Thanks to filmmaker Maarten Toner, I was stunned when I stumbled into what might be the jackpot video of Walter “Wolfman” Washington” and The Roadmasters. The video covers over 45 minutes of their 1988 performance at a club called De Zwarte Ruiter (The Black Horseman), in The Hauge, Netherlands.

This performance could possibly be Walter “Wolfman” Washington and The Roadmasters — (with a young Jack Cruz on bass, who still plays with Washington) — at their peak, with absolutely ill solos from every member of the band, intense crowd energy, and honest raw funk.

On top of the fine performance by Walter and his band, this video footage contains the hair-raising performance of the late great Johnny Adams, who leads Walter and his band on “Stand by Me”.