‘Which Is the Most Important Device You Use to Connect to the Internet?’ →

Gruber’s takeaway from the survey data reminds us that the transition away from PCs has not been cut and dry, and that the point of transition in terms of an inflection point has already occurred:

Assuming the polling is valid, this suggests we’ve already passed the inflection point where most people consider their mobile devices (phone and tablet) central to their use of the internet.

More abruptly stated:

The bottom line: the post-PC world is here.

Coinciding with the 2015 survey results, my two most important connected devices are also my smartphone and laptop. I do not own a tablet, and I only turn my desktop on if I have wiped my laptop and need to download Ethernet drivers.

With smartphones and tablets on the incline, I suspect there are an increasing number of users in the world who use their device(s) to consume data.

For my lifestyle at work and at home, I need devices from which I can consume and create. While a tablet may meet my creation needs at home, I do not see smartphones or tablets giving me the ability to comfortably design computer hardware in the near future.