Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic →

It would be exciting to see what materials they create that can used elsewhere in the world as an oil-based plastic substitute. I hope they succeed in their quest.

Three years ago, it set the goal of finding a sustainable alternative by 2030, and quickly realized that the project would be a major challenge. “If we want to reach our ambition by 2030, we need to invest a significant amount of money,” says Trangbaek.

The company is pouring 1 billion Danish krone, or around $150 million, into a new sustainable materials center that will open in 2016 and plans to add another 100 employees focused specifically on finding new materials for their toys and packaging. The classic bricks will likely still look and feel exactly the same when the company makes the shift; the material will still be plastic, just something that’s not made from oil.

(via Daring Fireball)