Facebook now lets you choose who controls your account after you die →

I’ve wondered and written about permalinks, and what happens to internet content after the author of a website is no longer with us. I think it is good to see we are headed in a direction of preserving content, if the author is interested in doing so.

Facebook is putting its users in control of what happens to their accounts after they die. Starting today, users in the US will be able to chose to have their accounts deleted after death or grant another person on Facebook permission to manage an account on their behalf. Facebook calls this person an account’s “legacy contact,” and users will be able to choose that person through the website’s or app’s security page.

It would not surprise me if the internet superheros of our time have monies set aside along with instructions for a trusted “legacy contact” to preserve their web content after they have passed. But, for how many generations will the author’s content be preserved? Will their legacy contact be the only generation following their death to preserve their internet legacy? What will happen as technologies change?