The End of Guitar Center →

I don’t know anyone that would actually be upset by this. Make sure you read the whole way through and watch the video of Guitar Center’s Times Square opening.

Sounds to me like a business opportunity:

when I visited the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California only days ago, I found that the overwhelming majority of industry figures with whom I spoke spent very little time or energy on the critical analysis of a firm which represents 28% of the industry, a total $2.1 billion out of $7 billion. As a result, we can assume that few people will have contingency plans for potentially disruptive scenarios resulting from Guitar Center’s fate, but that is hardly unprecedented in the history of business.

There are some good quotes in the article but my favorite is the author’s closing statement::

We’re all analyzing the most mundane details of the terminal symptoms of this sickness that has seized American business culture in the past twenty years. Perhaps we need to heal that disease before we can back to fun things such as playing guitar and running profitable companies.

(via Texas Blues Alley)