Saying goodbye to The Gill Street Band

It has been six years since I joined the Hounds of Soul, and received the call from friend and founding member Sherri Orlofsky who called me while I was in Hawaii to say “you’re in”. Since then, we’ve had a few members move away or move on, and Jackie Brown joined the group which we renamed to The Gill Street Band.

As a man of many interests, the time has come to open my schedule to explore them, and put my musical focus on Chris Rattie & The Brush Valley Rumblers. I’ll miss the music, playing with a 9-piece band that has some of the best horn players this town has seen, and above all, the people. Tonight I’ll be joining them one last time at a yearly Halloween party we have had the privilege to play these last few years, and I’m going to enjoy every note.

Thank you for all the good times, gang, and I’ll see you you at a gig soon!

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