Standing Stone Trail — 18 miles

Today I hiked the North-most section of the Standing Stone Trail. I started at the parking area down the ridge from the Hawk Watch Platform and made my way 9 miles North to Greenwood Furnace State Park and back, making the hike 18 miles round-trip. This sets my record for most miles in a day for 2014, though the hike was not a strenuous as some others.

I used The Link Trail Guide on my journey (dated 2006), and learned that the trail was originally named The Link Trail because its function was to link the Mid-State Trail at Greenwood Furnace State Park (via the Greenwood Spur trail) to the Tuscarora Trail at Cowans Gap State Park, 76 miles to the South (per the Standing Stone Trail Club).

According to the book, at one time it was thought that the Appalachian Trail would be relocated due to private land owners who did not want their land used by hikers. And so, the Tuscarora Trail was created. As such, the makers of Link Trail had anticipated more activity, however the AT was never relocated to the route of the Tuscarora.

The Link Trail was renamed as the Standing Stone Trail in 2007, and as I discovered while hiking today, it is now a section of the Great Eastern Trail.