Old Loggers Path (Northern Section)

The weekend is here, and life is to be lived. As American author, botanist, and naturalist, Donald C. Peattie, once wrote:

“For, after all, time is not money; time is an opportunity to live before you die. So a man who walks, and lives and sees and thinks as he walks, has lengthened his life.” — from The Joy of Walking, The New York Times Magazine, April 5, 1942

And so, with numerous hikes under my belt for the year (including a few rather long ones), today I embark on my first overnight hike of the year. The destination is Tiadaghton State Forest, and the trail is Old Loggers Path.

Today I’ll be hiking the Northern portion of the trail, and closing the loop to the parking area via Pleasant Stream. I estimate the hike to be around 20 miles. I heard of this trail through the PA Hikes website, and was drawn to the beautiful waterfall photo on the write-up for the Northern section of the hike.

Since the weather is rather warm, I’ll be going lightweight with my Deuter ACT Trail 32 backpack, and I look forward to spending the night in a hammock.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for photos!