Eating Experiment

After returning from some traveling early this month, a weekend of gigs kept me from filling the fridge with fresh produce. Scrounging in my cabinets revealed that I have loads of pastas, oatmeal, canned soups and vegetables, and numerous other non-perishables. Many of these things have been around for a year or more, because I purchased them at some point in time with the intent of eating them.

I’ve since made it my goal is to reduce my grocery bill for the month by not going grocery shopping until July, and instead, I’m cleaning out my cabinets (and freezer) by living off what is in them. While this regiment of foods such as oatmeal, peanut butter, and noodles is not as satisfying as grilled meats and vegetables, it will be a fun challenge to reduce the clutter in my cabinets.

Today marks the completion of week 1.