Better Email Management for iOS

As I get ready for my trip to Germany, I’ve been wondering how I’ll access filed emails from my iPhone during times I am without my laptop. I have always been an advocate of using a strong email filing system, as I often need to dig up old conversations. My office email archives hold about ten years of invaluable threads that include customer correspondences, reference materials, and discussions that have inspired hardware design decisions.

Because the built-in Mail app for iOS doesn’t have expanding and contracting folders, accessing and archiving in my complex folder tree is nearly impossible: At best, it means scrolling through a stream of 1000+ expanded folders. Without the ability to efficiently access archived emails on this trip, the iOS Mail app will effectively be useless from the business perspective.

It is no surprise that iOS users have been requesting expandable and collapsible folders for a while now. I am guessing the wait for this feature may be a few more years (if they plan it to implement it at all), so I am trying out eMailGanizer Pro, the only iOS email app I have found that supports expandable and collapsible folders.

I am just now setting up the app on my iPhone, and am waiting while it sets up all 1510 folders of my office email archives. It will be fun to not scroll through this list of folders every time I need to archive an email from my iPhone.