Kentucky Schools Recognize Programming for Foreign Language Credit →

The Kentucky Senate has recently passed a bill permitting students in public schools to use computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language credit requirements. This is a big move forward that will intrinsically prepare students for career positions that are in demand.

The goal is to enhance programming skills, enabling more Kentucky students to land high-paying jobs in the growing computer industry, said Sen. David Givens, the bill’s sponsor.

Preparing students for the workforce seems as though it gets buried in our education system. By themselves, students often don’t see the importance of building skill sets that are in demand until their education is behind them. Having the knowledge to know what careers are demanded in today’s world begins by enabling it in education, and Kentucky has clearly taken a leadership position to prepare our youth for their future.

I have always believed that programming should be an education fundamental, and I’m encouraged to see another headline indicating that we’re moving further in that direction. It would be interesting to see a state-by-state breakdown of jobs twenty years from now to see the impact of this change. I hope to see other states follow suit by passing similar legislation.

(via The Loop)