Rehearsing to Perfection

Like an organized team of athletes coming together to form a trophy team, a group of musicians who individually invest endless rehearsal time — seemingly, until perfection is reached — is no substitute for a full group that rehearses to achieve perfection during live performance.

Sometimes bands don’t rehearse hard because of personal time investment.

“Why rehearse if there aren’t shows on the calendar?”

“This gig doesn’t pay enough. I cannot be there tonight, but I will see you next week for our rehearsal before the show.”

The “time is money” mentality seems to be taken more literally by full-time musicians, albeit, time spent cannot be regained for 9-to-5ers, who are using their “free time” to contribute to a band’s success.

More often, mediocre band rehearsals seem to result from a culmination of individual motives as well as general life trade-offs. Contributing factors can include a lack of interest in the music itself, or hard feelings towards specific members of the group. But often, pure unwillingness to work holds back a band’s success. Members who have perfected their parts outside of a band rehearsal sometimes do not feel the need to rehearse as a band. Other factors are unwillingness to travel to rehearse in a different town, or much worse — settling for sounding “good enough”.

A friend told me years ago:  “People do what they want to do”.  An excuse — no matter the context — is just that.

It can be a breath of fresh air when one has the opportunity to perform with musicians who strive for perfection, rehearsing hour after hour, offering creative suggestions to each other without any worry of offense or destroying an ego, seeking to write and rewrite until a song’s intended feel is truly captured and conveyed to close the loop between the composer and listener. But, this won’t happen unless the members want it. A band will only be what each member makes of it.

Like a college basketball time reaching for the championship, there is no replacement for long hours of pure work.