Fantastical 2 on the App Store →

Fantastical is a slick calendar app. When I heard last week that Fantastical 2 was out, I hesitated, and wondered what could have possibly been improved.

Let me tell you: Fantastical 2 is some great “event-aware” software, as I found out today when I typed a date in an email this morning. Before sending the email, I copied the date to clipboard to add it to Fantastical. When I launched Fantastical 2, it immediately prompted with a non-intrusive pop-up “Add Event” link at the bottom of my screen: “We’ve detected an event on your clipboard.”

Very impressive!

(Though, I do not recommend Fantastical or Fantastical 2 unless you have an iPhone 5 or greater. It always felt laggy to me on my iPhone 4, where I stuck with Apple’s built-in calendar app.)