Another Summer Weekend with Black Coffee

This weekend Black Coffee has another run of shows, which wouldn’t be complete without the hot sun, a trip to Western PA, and a new venue – sandwiches and water too of course!

with Jim DeVoss at Black Coffee’s 2011 People’s Choice Festival Performance

This will be my third year at People’s Choice (my second year and show with Black Coffee), and I’ll be continuing the thirst-quenching tradition of drinking a fresh squeezed lemonade before the show. I picked up some new pedal gear last week which I’m hoping to try out Friday night in Clarion, but I may not have time to organize it before the weekend.

Saturday’s show at Club Cafe will be shared with Ricardo Iamuuri and our friends Aristotle Jones & The Like Minds, whom we met at the HMAC for the Millenium Music Conference this year.  We split the bill with them in Morgantown a few months back and look forward to hanging with these fellas again.

Fri 7/13 @ Peoples Choice Festival (Boalsburg, PA)
Fri 7/13 @ Toby Hill Bar & Grill (Clarion, PA)
Sat 7/14 @ Club Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)
Sun 7/15 @ Lions Square (Connellsville, PA)

Details for these shows and more can be found at the Black Coffee website.

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