Well that was easy…

It’s now been years since I started coding the interface behind ralford.net (my home-brewed PHP weblog/wiki has been running since 2005), and well, to say the least, I’ve finally given in to WordPress!   Really, I think the big factor for me “giving in” is that image support on my home-brewed weblog is lacking a software genius.   I ran phpThumb() for a long time, but one day, everything started behaving funny and pictures stopped working.  I do not blame phpThumb() for this – if there is fault to put on someone here it is me for not having more patience with the code. I wanted to talk about some recent hikes I went on, and show pictures of where I’ve been, as well as pictures of my new pack and camp-stove.  Well, I hiked and ralford.net stayed broken, I traveled and ralford.net stayed broken, and I played music and ralford.net stayed broken.  And finally, I gave up on trying to figure out why the pictures weren’t showing up, because at this point in my life, I engineer during the day – not at night.

Tonight, I installed WordPress, and simply speaking, it was a breeze.

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