The Origin of the Universe →

What kind of screwed up kid buys a book on the origin of the universe to leaf through for fun? This guy. Seventeen years or so later I am finally making my way through it, and it is *awesome*!

Today I organized the cabinet of engineering boards. I think everyone at the office has secretly been hoping that someone would take care of this.

Making Use of Unused Car Seats →

A friend in the hotel business once told that a hotel room is a perishable good, meaning, an unused room one night at a hotel is a missed opportunity. I wonder if there are business opportunities elsewhere that mimic this “wasted goods” model.

(via The Loop)

On Taking the Stage After Another Band

The other weekend, I was a bit frazzled after a show when, before I could unplug my guitar or get a bearing on my stage exit, the band following us had already opened a keyboard stand on top of my cables.

Some of them were in a hurry, others just eager to get comfortable with the space that was now theirs, but it only resulted taking me more time to tear down, delaying their setup. There might have also been some swearing.

Come on folks. Please don’t do this.

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