Recovering the past to understand the future →

Interesting story on how scientists digitally archived old satellite photos to gather more information on how climate change is affecting the ice caps.

“By extending the satellite record back to the 1960s, we can understand more about the history and natural variability in things like sea ice extent in the Arctic, and the Antarctic,” said David Gallaher, technical services manager at NSIDC. The modern satellite record of sea ice goes back only to 1979.

Make sure to watch the video.

(via The Verge)

God Only Knows – BBC Music

I think my favorite part of BBC’s recent all star tribute to Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows” is the very end of the video, where Brian is sitting behind the piano.

From BBC News Smashed Hits:

God Only Knows was written in half an hour, including two arguments between its co-creators. It’s fair to say that assembling the cast of the BBC’s new version of the song, all of whom reportedly gave their time for free, took a little longer, writes Alan Connor.


Lego Ends Shell Partnership After Greenpeace Video →

Good move, Lego!

Dutch toymaker Lego said Wednesday it won’t renew a contract that marketed toys with the Shell logo and sold Shell-branded toy sets at gas stations.

The move comes after a viral video campaign produced by Greenpeace that protested Shell’s plans for Arctic drilling.

Here is the Greenpeace video, which suggests that “Everything ISN’T Awesome”, unlike the cheerful and upbeat version that has been drilled into all of our heads from The Lego Move: